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About me

My name is Ahmet Üstün and I’m second-year PhD Student in the Center for Language and Cognition (CLCG) at the University of Groningen. I’m working as a member of Computational Linguistics research group under the supervision of Arianna Bisazza, Gosse Bouma and Gertjan van Noord.


My research is mainly on multilingual natural language processing with a special interest of cross-lingual transfer learning. Currently, I work on multilingual dependency parsing that focuses on the transfer learning for low-resource languages without suffering the curse of multilinguality. My other research interests include NLP methods for morphologically-rich languages and unsupervised learning of morphology.


Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics, University of Groningen

M.S. in Cognitive Science, Middle East Technical University

B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Middle East Technical University

Selected Publications

UDapter: Language Adaptation for Truly Universal Dependency Parsing
Ahmet Üstün, Arianna Bisazza, Gosse Bouma and Gertjan van Noord
In EMNLP 2020 [pdf]

Incorporating Word Embeddings in Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation
Ahmet Üstün and Burcu Can
In Journal of Natural Language Engineering, 2020 [doi]

Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings for Morphologically Rich Languages
Ahmet Üstün, Gosse Bouma and Gertjan van Noord
In RANLP 2019 [pdf]

Characters or Morphemes: How to Represent Words?
Ahmet Üstün, Murathan Kurfalı, and Burcu Can
In Representation Learning for NLP Workshop, hosted by ACL 2018 (best paper) [pdf]

All Publications



Sep UDapter that introduces a multilingual parser with language adapters got accepted to EMNLP 2020
Jul Published journal paper on unsupervised learning of morphology in Natural Language Engineering
Jul Published paper on code-switched sentiment analysis for SemEval-2020 Task-9 (co-author)
Jun MACHAMP (A toolkit for multi-task learning in NLP) is on the Arxiv
Jan Presented at CLIN 30


Dec Research visit (2 weeks) at Computer Science department of ITU Copenhagen
Nov Published paper on transfer learning for event detection at CLIC-it 2019 (co-author)
Sep Published paper on morphology aware cross-lingual word embeddings at RANLP 2019
Sep Presented at RANLP 2019
Aug Published paper at SIGMORPHON 2019 shared task (ACL 2019)
Aug Presented at SIGMORPHON 2019 (ACL 2019)
Jul Attended LxMLS 2019


Nov Started PhD in Computational Linguistics at the University of Groningen
Jul Published paper [best paper] at RepL4NLP 2018 (ACL 2018)
Mar Presented at TextLink 2018 Final Action Conference


Nov Research internship (2 Months) at ILCC at the University of Edinburgh
Sep Published M.S. Thesis on probabilistic learning of Turkish morphosemantics
Sep Awarded an entrepreneurship grant by the Technological Research Council of Turkey
Apr Published paper at CICLing 2017 on bayesian modelling of morphology (co-author)
Apr Presented at CICLing 2017


Oct Published paper on unsupervised morphological segmentation at SLSP 2017
Oct Presented at SLSP 2017
Apr Published paper on Turkish PoS tagging at CICLing 2016 (co-author)